our Story

Made with love. It's a simple and cheesy concept for sure, but one that isn't taken lightly at The Flour Box. This company grew from a love of baking, and that love continually shines through every single product. Everything is made from scratch with only the best ingredients: organic unbleached all purpose flour, 100% butter (never margarine or shortening!), pure cane sugar, cage-free eggs, organic cocoa, organic matcha, local raw honey, and all-natural dairy. Preservatives are never added, and everything is made fresh.

Our flavors are inspired by a lifelong fascination of food cultures from around the world (particularly but definitely not limited to East/Southeast Asia), as well as an appreciation for the beautiful region we live in. Given that Seattle is such an incredibly diverse city, it's only fitting to celebrate ingredients and flavor profiles from all over. Our goal is to make unforgettably delicious goods that are familiar and comforting yet new and exciting -- taking ordinary desserts and putting a unique spin on them.

Just as baking has brought so much joy to me, I only hope to be able to bring some happiness to you too (through baked goods of course!). Nothing brings people together like good food does, and at The Flour Box, there's something for everyone.


How It All Started...

The Flour Box was born out of a simple college hobby. Its story begins in the summer of 2014, when I was about to enter my freshman year at the University of Washington and had the world ahead of me -- endless possibilities awaited. I'd just picked up baking after taking a cookie-making class (as a birthday gift) and instantly fell in love. Before this point, I had never baked or cooked a single thing from scratch in my life; but once I did, it was quite literally life-changing.

So as my journey through college began, as did my one with baking...